Vapour Art

December 22, Vapourday

Vapourday December 22 at 11 pm GMT

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018

This is a special sale of unique and rare items from our GP® Series products. They'll be sold on a first come first served basis. 

  There is a very limited quantity of these rare and never to be produced again mods.

GP PAPS v2.5 18650 with engraved tube v2 

GP PAPS v2.5 18500 with engraved tube v2 

GP PAPS X Titanium Edition v1.5 

GP PAPS X LUX Edition v1.5 

GP Picoolo v2 with engraved tube in polished finish 

GP Piccolo v3.1 (New Piccolo)

GP Spheroid v3 in brushed finish  


GP Spheroid v3

GP New Piccolo v3.1

GP Piccolo v2

GP PAPS X LUX Edition v1.5

GP PAPS X Ti Edition v1.5