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December 27, Vapourday


Vapourday 27 December 20:00 GMT

A batch of GP® Dripper Pro

Limited quantities of GP® Piccoloid v1 

Limited quantities of GP® Piccolo v4

Limited quantities of GP® Spheroid v3

A batch  of GP® Dripper

A batch of GP® Spheroid v4 

A batch of GP® Piccoloid v2


GP® Dripper Pro A tiny beast for 4, 2 or 1 coil builds, with a very deep well. Overall height is only 23 mm!

GP Dripper Pro


Like his simple brother GP® Dripper, the Pro has the negative post and the deck made from one solid piece of EU certified 316 SS.


The GP® logo and the serial number are engraved at the bottom of the GP® Dripper along with the Heron® engine on the sleeve. The first production unit was sold on August 1 in retail price and delivered to American soil via DHL Express prior the regulation date of August 8 , so it is considered a grandfathered product.

All the materials for the construction of the GP® Dripper Pro are sourced from Europe and USA and it has the following specifications:

  • The deck and the negative post are one solid piece of EU certified 316 SS and they have been electropolished afterwards for easy cleaning.
  • The PEEK® thermoplastic rods for the insulators are made in Germany.
  • Custom SS+ Ultem® drip tip with wide bore and spit back protection. 
  • The Ultem® rods in amber colour for the drip adapter and the drip tip are made in USA.
  • The hex key for the posts is made in USA.
  • The Viton® food safe o-rings are made in France.
  • The packaging is made in Bulgaria.
  • The precision machining was done in Greece and Bulgaria (facility A, facility B & facility C (VapourArt).
  • It supports 4-2-1 coil function.
  • Bottom feeder pin for squonker mods.
  • Lung or MTL vaping.
  • 7 mm well and 11 mm from the top cap ensures great liquid capacity.
  • Ability to accept exotic builds with multiple coils
  • Excellent heat dissipation even with extreme Watts due to the top air flow.
  • Small size with locking cap, solid construction with few parts.
  • It takes all standard drip tips via adapter.
  • The air slots are designed to offer a silent operation.
  • Custom CNC engraving.
  • The top air slots ensure no leakage at all.


There is one AFC cap with 4 slots of 2 & 3 mm for 4 and 2 coil builds and another cap with 2 slots of 2 & 3 mm for single coil builds. The SS+Ultem® drip tip has spit back protection, the adapter too, 11 mm drip bore and it is held by one Viton® food grade o-ring designed in such way to hold the drip tip tightly. 


The GP® Dripper Pro will be offered at €115 during the holidays and in 2017 the price will be €135.


GP® Spheroid v3: We had many requests from MTL vapers to reproduce this version, so we made a few units, enjoy :)


  GP Spheroid v3 + GP Piccolo v4

GP® Piccolo v4: After many months of absence, the Piccolo is back again!

GP Piccolo v4











GP® Piccoloid v1: compo of GP® Spheroid v3 + GP® Piccolo v4 

will be available as Piccoloid v1 as well.


GP Piccoloid v1 and GP Spheroid v3


Most Vapourday orders will be dispatched from 28-30 of December and the rest until Friday January 6.


The pre-order system is activated at the moment an item is getting out of stock.


No parcels are shipped or tracking numbers issued during the weekend.