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July 11, Vapourday


Vapourday 11 July 21:00 BST

GP PAPS X Ti Edition v1.5

The GP PAPS X Ti Edition will come with Titanium AFC ring, aluminium bronze X ring and aluminium bronze switch base as default configuration and inside the hidden pocket of the included double GP Holster will be a 316 SS X ring and a 316 SS switch base.

An extra silver plated GPin with longer pin, an extra o-ring for the AFC, 2 extra springs of varied hardness and a GP Fork will be included. The GP PAPS X Ti Edition works with eXtensions in 18350, 18500, 18650, 188800 mode. OD: 23 mm.

Both switch bases shall have the same 3 digit serial numbers and come in polished finish.

Only one titanium button is included. 

The switch base and the X ring are made from Aluminium bronze (CuAl8), a hard copper alloy, 4 times more expensive than 316 SS, that develops a golden uniform patina in a slow pace without being rusty, having a light smell unlike other copper alloys.

The Titanium parts are made from Ti grade 2 and the SS parts are made for EU certified 316 SS.

The 2 GPins and the negative post are brass with a thick silver coating of 15+ microns for better conductivity. The GPin springs are SS coated with 15+ microns silver.

Both switch bases have the GP logotype and the serial number engraved on them.


Price € 365

The GP PAPS X Ti Edition product's page will be updated soon with more photos.


The Titanium Edition is limited to 90 units, (18 units will be reserved for support reasons, total 108), so only one unit can be purchased from the same account. In  case of a double order, both will be cancelled and refunded.


GP PAPS X Ti Edition


All Vapourday orders of July 11th and all the orders after that date will be dispatched till Tuesday July 15th. 

No parcels are shipped or tracking numbers issued during weekends. Therefore, the tracking numbers of this Vapourday will be sent on Monday July 14th and Tuesday July 15th.