Vapour Art

October 27, Vapourday

Vapourday October 27 at 7pm GMT

Clearance Sale

 with reduced prices as stock lasts for:

GP PAPS® v4 

GP® Spheroid v4

GP® Dripper Pro


The new prices will appear on Vapourday.


Special Sale

for unique items from rare versions:

GP Heron v1

GP Heron v2

GP PAPS v2.5 18500

GP PAPS v2 18350

GP PAPS v2 18500

GP PAPS v2.5 18650

GP Piccolo v2.6 (Classic Piccolo)

GP Piccoloid v2

GP Spheroid v2 Bead Blasted

GP Spheroid v2.5 Mirror Polished

All items will be sent via registered mail.