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Useful answers to frequently questions

By sending a payment to VapourArt® Store, you give authorization to process your payment and complete the transaction. We don't take the money untill the order is ready to be sent.

The time it takes to process your payment may vary. If VapourArt® Store delays processing your payment:

  • Your authorization will remain valid for up to 29 days.
  • At any time prior the completion of the order, you may cancel the transaction and be refunded. An order that has reached "Processing" status can no longer be canceled.
  • If you have a positive balance in your account, PayPal will hold the payment amount for you in your account.
  • While PayPal holds the payment for you, the payment status will be displayed as "Pending". If you wish to buy additionally a product from the regular orders, please contact us at with your pre-order number for payment instructions. Or proceed to a second order and inform us to combine them and we'll refund you the second shipping.
  • Once VapourArt® Store completes the transaction by sending you a DHL tracking information, PayPal will release the hold and send the payment.
  • You will be informed of the status changes of your order through updates sent to the email address you have provided.


Because we are a small company with limited production, we manage our sales via controlled releases at certain dates, once or twice per month which we call Vapourday. That ensures a better quality control, fast delivery time and easy communication with our clients. We started with batches of one product, then we created the Vapourday with multi-batches to save people from extra shipping cost.

The Vapourday as a category is referring to a specific date and time, at which new or restocked products are offered for sale and lasts till all the items are sold out.

This categorization enables the vaper to see at a glance, what is available and when, without the need of browsing the products one by one.

A few days before a certain Vapourday, a count down timer appears on the main page of our site, applicable to all time zones. 

Announcements for the upcoming Vapourday are posted at: 


AussieVapersPinterest, InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Please, send no emails asking about the next release, since the moment we know it, we post it ASAP ... we won't keep it secret.

The Vapour Art Store uses only PayPal online payment service to ensure customer's safety. We deliver only to a PayPal confirmed shipping address.

Our products ship via DHL courier service in 1-4 business days, because it is the fastest and most reliable service in the world.

Shipping fee is 15€ for all orders worlwide up to 500 grams weight. For items below €30 value, there is an optional shipping via registered mail for €7.

The registered is sent with a tracking number, via Bulgarian Post, which is much slower and the customer has an option to choose for that service during chechout, prior his order and by leaving also a note in his order, but not inside the Paypal notes. In case there are notes inside PayPal, his order will be refunded.

Your shipping address has to be Paypal confirmed, otherwise we shall use your billing address to ship your order. Use only the English language for filling the shipping and billing address forms.

All orders above 500 grams weight will be shipped only via DHL and additional fees shall be applied.



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Warranty and Guarantee

The words ‘warranty’ and ‘guarantee’ can often cause confusion. This confusion is made worse when European Union (EU) law is involved. We will describe the difference.
There is a law in every country that belongs to EU, which is protecting the consumer relating to the sale of goods. This is according to the Directive 1999/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 May 1999. 

When a retailer sells a product, he or she enters into an agreement, or contract with the consumer. In addition to any express terms agreed by both parties at the time the contract is made, the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002 implies additional statutory terms into the sale contract for the benefit of the consumer. Responsibility for this is always with the retailer.
A guarantee is a promise about an item by the manufacturer, or company and may not restrict the legal rights of the customer under warranty. The guarantee is often for a longer period, or offers more benefits. 
In contrast to the warranty, the responsibility is with the manufacturer and not the retailer.
VapourArt Guarantee
Guarantee periods and guarantee services are intended as a guide only and variations may occur. Our standard guarantee period is one year. If this is extended we will mark the product. The guarantee period applies from the date of purchase by the first customer and is transferable only between end users. 
The guarantee covers manufacturing defects only. Please note that this does not include consumables items such as eliquids, batteries, tanks, etc. 

We give great emphasis to customer support and we assist every issue that may happen. On rare occasions, we may deny to support a device beyond the warranty period, if the client refuses to cooperate with our policy for customer support, or exhibits rude or dishonest behaviour during our communication with him and drop the device serial number from our data base, posting a public notice about it. The liability of Ltd is limited to the cost of repair and/or replacement of the product under guarantee and the postage. Ltd supports a product of Ltd purchased anywhere in the world. To obtain a Guarantee for one of our products, please contact to and send a copy of your invoice with your request. 

Our guarantee is ‘bring-in’. That means that the customer pays the transport charges to us and we pay for repair, or replacement and the postage back. 
Because the lifetime of vaping hardware is very short, we reserve the right to replace a faulty item with an equivalent replacement.
The warranty covers only defects of construction. It does not cover:
a. Defects resulting from misuse, use in ways not advised by the manufacturer, or against the provided specifications.
b. Defects resulting from improper storage, exposure to humidity, non-authorised repair or modification, neglect, abuse, overuse, or wrong voltage.
c. Natural degradation of materials.
d. Defects resulting from use in combination with other products, not approved by the manufacturer, or with defective batteries / chargers. 
Every product has his own warranty and it is specified for 6 months for the mods excluding the plastic and glass parts. In the case of consumable items the warranty is given only if the product has a malfunction when you use it for the first time.
The warranty is granted only for defects of manufacturing. Warranty is not granted for inadequate use of the products or if you used the products for other purposes. Ltd. is not responsible for the use of the sold products in other purposes than the intended ones.
The products we are selling have small removable parts so please be careful and keep out of the reach of children! According to the applicable law, the customers have the right to renounce and return the products in 10 working days after they received the products, without interests, if the customer sends a written notification to the seller regarding their intention. The products should not be deteriorated or used inadequately. Ltd. as the owner of , has the right to modify anytime any of the terms and conditions without notifying the customers. By using the website the customers are accepting the modified terms and conditions.


A typical electronic cigarette generally consists of three main components:

1) cartridge/mouthpiece

2) atomizer (heating element)

3) battery

The cartridge acts as an e-liquid reservoir and also serves as a mouthpiece on one end. When a user pushes the power button of the battery and inhales through the mouthpiece, the liquid flows to the atomizer which heats up on its resistance the e-liquid and converts it into smoke-like vapor that a user inhales.




No tobacco, no tar, no toxins associated with tobacco smoking

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco. That means you can still get your dose of nicotine without having to ingest the 4000+ chemicals, including over 40 known carcinogens, which are produced by the burning of tobacco. You also experience the same oral fixation and hand-to-mouth action of smoking that you’re used to.

No smoke smell

Electronic cigarettes do not emit that irritating smoke smell that sticks on your hair, clothes, walls and furniture. You may smell the sweet aroma of strawberry or vanilla e-liquids, but the scent won’t linger, although you might wish they did!

No ash

Since there is no combustion or flame, there is no ash and no cigarette butts to deal with. Your household will thank you for it! No secondhand smoke The smoke-like mist being emitted from an electronic cigarette is just water-based vapor that dissipates within seconds.

Control your nicotine intake with various nicotine strengths

E-liquids come in various nicotine strengths, from zero to high. This gives you more control over your nicotine intake. You can, for instance, go for a nicotine level that you were used to when you smoked regular cigarettes and then gradually decrease your nicotine level if you so wish.

Freedom to smoke or ‘vape’ almost anytime, anywhere!

You can vape almost anywhere since there is no secondhand smoke produced. This may include restaurants, bars, hotels, and offices. No need to go outside your office and stand in the blistering cold or the sweltering heat of the sun for a smoking break.

Save more money with rebuildable atomizers than with cartridges and refills.

Although the initial investment of an unregulated high end mod with a rebuildable atomizer compared to a disposable starter kit may seem a little pricey at first glance, you will be saving a whole lot of money in the long run. You only have to buy e-liquids to keep on going. Being able to refill the your tank with e-liquids will help you garner significant savings. Usually, the cost of electronic cigarettes is up to 80% less than tobacco cigarettes.

More environment-friendly

Discarded cigarettes are often the culprit of accidental fires that endanger lives, destroy properties, and pollute the environment. The electronic cigarette eliminates these risks and is kinder to the environment.Batteries are rechargeable and eliquids of Atmos Lab are not hazardous for the environment.

More socially acceptable

Nowadays, more and more people are growing health-conscious. Smoking bans are proliferating and smokers are forced to step out of a building and stand in an isolated area to get a smoke. There are also many instances when friends or people around a smoker complain about secondhand smoke and would appreciate it if one would not light up. With electronic cigarettes, you can enjoy the company of others without having to worry about offending them with secondhand smoke. Won’t stain your teeth and make your breath bad Electronic cigarettes won’t turn your teeth yellow and leave you with that nasty smoker’s breath.

Wide variety of e-liquid flavors available

One of the greatest joys of vaping is the vast assortment of e-liquids you can try. There are numerous e-liquid flavors available - from tobacco variants that mimic popular cigarette brands to strawberry, cherry, mint, vanilla, cappuccino and many other fascinating flavors.

Different e-cigarette styles you can choose from!

Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of styles and colors. There are e-cigarettes that are designed to look like a cigarette in size, shape and color. Some models have electronics while others are high quality SS mods which will last for years to come. There are also other e-cig models that look like pipes, ballpoint pens or cell phones. Just choose a style that suits your needs and personality!



Many experts think that electronic cigarettes are a healthier and safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. However, since e-cigarettes are fairly new in the market, it will require many years of scientific study to further support these claims. Note that electronic cigarettes deliver some nicotine contents, which are considered addictive, but, unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes have various nicotine levels, which enable you to systematically wean off your nicotine cravings.

In the last 8 years, many researches took place comparing tobacco cigarette to electronic cigarette. All of them had a common conclusion which is expressed in the next sentence: Electronic cigarette is hundreds of times less hazardous than tobacco cigarette as it does not deliver 4000+ hazardous substances, 40 of them are very dangerous carcinogens.