Vapour Art

About us

VapourArt® designs and manufactures the GP® series of advanced personal atomizers and mods for the international vaping community. All GP® Series products are designed in Athens, Hellas and our creations are made of EU certified 316 SS, produced in three CNC facilities, the main one is located in Hellas and the other two in Bulgaria.

Intuitive design, minimalism and originality are our guidelines.  

GP® TEAM's ideas are flowing, blueprints are made, new products come to market, on paper, on final development and on testing.

Less is more. Ltd. is created in 2012, it is a VAT registered company, with VAT no: BG202057856 and operates under the European Laws. The objects of activity of our company are of e-commerce, external and internal trade, imports of goods for the purpose of sale, manufacturing of goods for the purpose of sale, warehouse activity, commercial representation and intermediation, as well as any other commercial activities, not prohibited by law or legislative act. The design marks and word marks of VapourArt®, GP®, PAPS®, Aeolipile logo® GP Heron® are registered trademarks in USA and Europe as intellectual property of Ltd.