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GP PAPS 18350 LUX Edition version 2.5

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Model: GP PAPS 18350 LUX Edition v2.5

GP PAPS® 18350 v2.5 LUX Edition

This is a wonderful little mod with some big features! GP PAPS® mod's flexibility, regarding the length of 510 connection is inherited to the upcoming Piccolo v2.6 and it is the new telescopic post. The lock ring works smoothly locks-unlocks just with a flick of a finger and the movement of the button is 0,7 mm.

GP PAPS® OD 22mm.

GP PAPS® 18350 60mm length. 

You can use the kick module with a 18350 AW IMR battery inside the 18500 tube of the GP PAPS® mod.

You can use the kick module with a 18490 AW IMR battery inside the 18650 tube of the GP PAPS® mod.

Only the unit is supplied, images of atomizers are for illustrative purposes only.

All of our tests have been made using IMR 18500 batteries and we recommend IMR batteries for that mod. Of course, one can put protected batteries, but there is a huge difference between them and the IMR batteries in efficiency, safety and duration, so it is an obvious choice.

The caps are made from EU certified 316 SS. The tube is made from aluminium bronze, four times more expensive than the 316 SS with high percentage of copper. Admiralty brass has 71% Cu and naval brass has 60% Cu, while the aluminium bronze goes to 91% Cu plus 7% Al.

The small percentages of tin, aluminium, nickel, zinc and phosphorus that make up copper alloys degrade the electrical performance of the resulting alloy to a far greater percentage than their compositional percentage in the alloy. We chose aluminium bronze and not other ones with nickel or phosphorus as a more conductive, safer and harder material.

It is harder than brass, but it is softer than steel. The button, and the telescopic centre post are 24k gold over silver plated brass for the best conductivity.The grooves on the top cap have been made with a different tool this time, they are smoother, less deep and more wide.

All threads are calibrated, so the switch is compatible with tubes from previous versions, but the Lux tube is compatible only with the switch v2.5 and up.

The Lux switch won't be available as spare, while the switch v2.5 will be. The Lux tube will be available in 18500 and 18650 as spares with the GP® logo CNC engraved.

The default tube of the LUX  is the 18350 and it is serialised. The LUX tube's threading is compatible only with the switch v2.5 or the switch v2.5 LUX and any future upgrades.The threads compatibility is 90% for v2.1 (the v2.1 switch with a rectangle holding nut and right handed threads is incompatible) and 50% for v1, v2 due to calibrated threads of v2.5 for reasons of better conductivity. 

The switch has no knurling and we have created 4 miniscule protrusions with 0,1 mm height on the bottom of the locking ring. Now the GP PAPS® can stand upright without any need of being locked. As we like to say, its rating for the drunken vaper test is 10/10!

Another advantage is the button fires with even less pressure than before. It is almost a touch button.

The unit comes in hand polished finish made by our skilled polishers.

lux 2

lux 3



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Only 1 unit per customer, otherwise the order will be cancelled and refunded.


A note of caution, don't pass any abrasive cleaner like BRASSO over the gold plated parts, it will peel off the coating. A soft wet cloth is enough, avoid rubbing the surface or using any chemicals and don't put the gold plated parts inside an ultrasonic cleaner.

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