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GP PAPS X SS Edition version 1.5

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Model: GP PAPS X SS Edition v1.5

GP PAPS™ X SS Edition v1.5

The GP PAPS™ X started as a project on August 27 of 2012 on the Hellenic forum LINK

The shape of GP PAPS™ X, especially the design of the switch, comes from the design of GP™ Piccolo v2.5 which came out in December of 2012, while the prototypes had been made in October 2012. The GP PAPS™ X as a project with extension tubes (X stands for eXtensions) and this button designed in August of 2012, after the discontinuation of GP PAPS™ v2 and GP™ Piccolo v2. In that period we decided to make a 16 mm, a 17 mm and a 23 mm version of this switch. The first 2 are known as GP™ piccolo v2.5, v2.6 and GP™ Piccolo v3, v3.1. Whatever we create is organically connected with the rest of our GP™ Series mods in matters of design, materials, versions, shapes, functions, characteristics, etc.

The switch follows the design of the GP™ Piccolo v2.5, improved and modified and with an extreme precise machining applied according to schematics with 0,01-0,02 mm tolerance in the moving parts, something that wasn't possible for the GP™ Piccolo.

OD: 23 mm

Length: 62 mm in 18350 mode

Adjustable air flow control ring in polished finish.

Locking button in polished finish.

Main body in brushed finish.

It has 2 extensions sleeves in brushed finish with 15 mm and 31 mm length.

The unit includes 1 food grade O-ring 19x1,2mm, 3 springs of various hardness for the button ( the medium spring is installed), a GP™ Fork, a spare GPin post for 18650 IMR batteries with 64,48 mm length (out of specs) and 2 button insulators. 

It can hold 18350, 18500 and 18650 size batteries plus Kick v1, v2, we strongly recommend the use of IMR batteries solely.

It can stand upright unlocked and without firing issues in all modes. All of our mods are hand polished and small differences of the shade in the brushed finish are considered normal.

The logo and the serial number are CNC engraved and the mod is made from EU certified 316 SS. The negative contact  has a silver coating of 15 micron thickness.

The GP PAPS™ X SS Edition v1.5 accepts Kick v1 & v2 in the following configurations:

  • 18350 + Kick
  • 18500 + Kick
  • 18650 + Kick

We recommend AW IMR batteries only for use with Kick.

Due to varied lengths of Kick2 module and the difference in length of many IMR batteries, theres is a possibility for a few combinations of Kick2 with certain batteries in certain size, to occur a small gap. This is something that is out of our control, although we did what is possible to minimise that.  Moreover, we provide  a shorter pin as well. Therefore the use of a 18350 purple Efest flat top battery or trimming a coil from the GPin spring is the remedy in most of such cases.



Here is what is coming for the GP PAPS™ X SS Edition v1.5 from January 2014.

An insulator for the switch, which will be given for free to any of the owners of the GP PAPS™ X v1, in case they want to use batteries without a proper insulation at their bottom. In any of their future orders from VapourArt™ or from our resellers, they can leave a note in their order to include this insulator. These insulators will be in included also with the top cap v1.5 upgrade.

Another thing is the GPin, a simple approach eliminating any need for adjusting the positive post in relation to the battery and the atomizer.

We designed the GPin in August 2013, but it wasn't ready until now, it is a  spring loaded pin, a double ended pogo pin, a quite common solution in the market but it is the first time for the vaping community and we'll apply it to our mods.

We started on 2011 with a hot spring, back then people were experimenting with all kinds of batteries. In August 2012, we designed the telescopic post for the GP PAPS™ X, but we introduced it in the GP PAPS™ v2.1, because we couldn't find a CNC facility to follow our schematics for the precise switch of the X, which finally came out 13 months later. In August 2013 we designed the GPin, which will replace the telescopic centre post of our mods and the first mod with that kind of pin will be the GP PAPS™ X. The spring will be silver plated and the applied pressure onto the contacts will exceed 5 kg to ensure a proper conductivity. The GPin's insulator can be dismantled with the help of the GP™ Fork or needle pliers.

The GP PAPS® X SS Edition v1.5 consists of:

  • 1x Main body OD 23 mm with two male threads made from EU certified 316 SS in brushed finish.
  • 1x Long eXtension OD 23 mm with one male and one female thread made from EU certified 316 SS in brushed finish.
  • 1x Short eXtension OD 23 mm with one male and one female thread made from 316 EU certified SS in brushed finish.
  • 1x AFC ring made from EU certified 316 SS in polished finish.
  • 1x button made from EU certified 316 SS in polished finish.
  • 1x top cap made from EU certified 316 SS in brushed finish.
  • 1x locking square nut made from EU certified 316 SS.
  • 3x brass springs of different hardness.
  • 2x food grade plastic insulators. 
  • 1x M4 silver plated brass negative post screw with 15+ micron silver coating.
  • 1x brass GPin.
  • 2x food grade O-ring 19x1,2mm for the AFC ring.
  • 1 GP™ Fork
  • 1x short brass pin for 18650 IMR batteries with 64,48 mm length (out of specs).
  • 1x spring with 15+ micron silver coating.
  • 1x food grade internal O-ring 19 x 1,2 mm for the air flow ring of the GP PAPS® X 
  • 1 double GP® Holster with cover from cordura fabric 1000 den manufactured in EU by a company specialised in weapon holsters, exclusively for Vapourart, while supplies last.

The GP PAPS™ X SS v1.5 comes in hand brushed finish and hand polished ends made by our experienced polishers.

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