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GP PAPS X Tubes LUX Edition

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Model: GP PAPS X Tubes LUX Edition

GP PAPS® X Tubes LUX Edition

GP PAPSTM X LUX tubes 18650 tubes for the GP PAPSTM X SS Edition and LUX edition. External diameter is 23 mm and the  threads is M21 x 1 mm pitch. They are made from aluminium bronze, which is 4 times more expensive than the 316 SS, an alloy with very high percentage of copper. Admiralty brass has 71% Cu and naval brass has 60% Cu, while the aluminium bronze goes to 91% Cu plus 7% Al.

The small percentages of tin, aluminium, nickel, zinc and phosphorus that make up copper alloys degrade the electrical performance of the resulting alloy to a far greater percentage than their compositional percentage in the alloy. We chose aluminium bronze and not other ones with nickel or phosphorus as a more conductive, safer and harder material.

You can use the kick module with a 18490 AW IMR battery inside the 18650 tube.

We recommend the AW IMR batteries for our mods.

The threads are calibrated with a level of tolerance of 0,05 mm and they are compatible with the switch of GP PAPS X v1 & v1.5 and via the X converter with v3 switch or any calibrated switch with M20x1 mm threading that has air vents.

The aluminium bronze is a conductive metal, harder from most copper alloys like brass. This tube is generally far more resistant to selective attack and corrosion than a brass one, but lower than 316 SS. 

Aluminium bronze, (CuAl8) develops a golden uniform patina in a slow pace without being rusty, having a light smell unlike other copper alloys.
Every tube comes in hand polished finish made by our skilled polishers.

We don't recommend the use of a switch v2.5(thru the X converter) or earlier version with the GP PAPSTM X Tube LUX Edition for safety reasons. 

Here is a extremely detailed photographic review for the GP PAPS®  X Tubes Lux Edition in Russian language, by Karabas (Vladislav Krizhanovskiy) from

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