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Piccolo |ˈpikəˌlō| noun;

a small flute sounding an octave higher than the ordinary one.

VapourArt® presents you, one of our creations in its latest version, a slick and light mod  for 14500 battery being in circulation since 2012 .

















The GP® Piccolo v1 started as a project in Athens during late December 2011 and announced first time on the Hellenic forum as a product LΙΝΚ in March 2012. It was released internationally after April 2012, it was made from 303 SS rods, it had laser engravings of the old GP logo and the word Piccolo, 303 SS cap and button all parts in polished and brushed finish and it was available via lists from Vaporwall forum. At that period only GP Spheroid, A2, A2T, A2TM, A2 Classic, Genesis Line atomizers and our custom carto tanks were available for a 16 mm mod with a 510 connection. The cross shaped air channels that were put first time in use in GP PAPS v0 top cap are applied to GP Piccolo from now on. Its overall size, weight and thickness makes the firing of the bottom button natural, giving a light sense in contrast with longer, heavier and thicker mods. It's perfect for going out and for stealth vape. 


gp piccolo prototypegp piccolo with A2


APRIL 2012

A Line top cap was created with a secondary ring to accomodate Line and A2 atomizers for a seamless look with A2, A2T, A2TM, A2 Classic, MY-T, etc. Optional 14650 tubes were produced. 


gp piccolo with linegp piccolo with line near



JUNE 2012

The GP® Piccolo v2 is made from 304 SS rods and it has a brass button in the switch with updated internal path for the travel of the button which hasn't an airhole anymore. The v1 and v2 buttons and their switch housings are non compatible with each other, while the switches and the rest parts remain compatible.

gp piccolo 3gp piccolo 4gp piccolo 5gp piccolo 6


NEW PICCOLO (version 3)

Its length is 76,60 mm, its diameter is 17mm at the ends and 16 mm in the middle for better handling and the abillity to put on it atomizers with bigger diameter. 

It was available on December 21st 2012.

CLASSIC PICCOLO (version 2.5) 

Its length is 76,60 mm, its diameter is 16mm, a last time's request by the lovers of version 2.  

It was available from December 21, 2012 until January 9, 2013. Only 125 units of Classic Piccolo have been produced. The mod can accept only IMR batteries and not the protected ones. The horizontal air vents give sufficient space for the movement of gases in case of a battery failure. The positive pole is adjustable via a GP Telescopic Post, so it can accept any kind of atomize without gap. 

The GP® Νew Piccolo and the GP® Classic Piccolo don't fire when they stand upfront and unlocked with a GP® Spheroid on them. 

When you hold the GP® New Piccolo in your hand, you feel at once its grip. It doesn't serve any cosmetic reason, but it is an ergonomic design for better handling even by smaller hands. The angle and the length of the slopes have been tested to give the best handling experience for different somatotypes, males and females alike.

The mods came in brushed, two tone, and polished finish handmade by our skilled polishers. Our insignia the aeolipile, the GP logotype and the serial number are laser etched on the tube and the button.

gp piccolo 2.5 and 3gp piccolo 3 with Spherpoid


The GP® Piccolo v2.6 (Classic Piccolo) and GP® Piccolo v3.1 (New Piccolo) were released in limited quantities with an updated switch of lesser parts. 

The last updated versions haven't battery spring and they can accomodate almost all brands of 14500 IMR batteries due to the telescopic post of the top cap.

The tube, the base of the switch and the top cap came in bead blasted EU certified 304 SS, while the button and the internals of the switch came in polished and made from EU certified 316 SS. Both Editions, GP® Classic Piccolo with the straight tube and GP® New Piccolo with the slanted tube share the same specifications.

The bead blasted finish is an additional treatment after the brushed finish offering a scratch resistant and anti-slip surface.

GP Piccolo v3.1 BB



The GP® Piccolo v4 got released after a long time of brainstorming and prototyping for a new switch design that hasn't been made before.

GPin No adjustments or telescopic posts are needed to accommodate different atomizers and batteries. GPin is a double pogo pin that stands well down to 0,3 Ω, although we don't recommend to go below 1,0-1,5 Ω with a 14500 battery. GP Spheroid has a strong throat hit event at 1,8Ω, so Ι don't find the reason to deplete your battery with subOhm resistance values.

Switch The static negative post is our new innovation and an evolution of the previous switch, because it ensures (along with the GPin) a constant pressure to the battery, independently of the button's position. All the bottom switches I know, push and move the battery in order to close the circuit and this can affect the conductivity, if the moving contacts aren't completely flush with the battery's poles. This is not happening with GP Piccolo 4's switch. The battery is under a constant pressure from the GPin and the negative pole, it doesn't move when we press the button, increasing in that way the conductivity.

Conductivity Another feature of the static negative post is its bottom: it is hollow with a concave area similar to the convex surface of the button's screw to increase the contact surface from 7 sq. mm to 12 sq. mm, improving the conductivity immensely. We estimate at least 20% increase in conductivity in comparison with the previous version of GP Piccolo. due to the increased contact area and the applied pressure to the battery from the action of GPin and the static post.

Locking ring It has reverse threading and turns about 90º for a lock-unlock function, easily with our pingy finger.

Length The new version is 1,6 mm shorter than the previous ones as a result of the new design.

Top cap The air channels of the top cap have been redesigned for a minimalistic look from a side view while they have deep concave grooves providing adequate air to bottom air feed atomizers like GP Spheroid. 

Switch's throw Just 0,3 mm, an almost feather touch switch.

Finish It comes in hand polished caps and hand brushed or bead blasted tubes to match with the corresponding GP Spheroid units The caps are hand polished. The GP logotype will be hand polished in the tubes with the hand brushed finish.

Engravings Starting from the GP Piccolo v4 and onwards, all tubes will have engraved only the GP logotype and future atomisers like the Heron X will have the aeolipile insignia engraved on them. The top cap is redesigned as well, without the 3D engraving the GP PAPS v3 has. These changes saved manufacturing cost which will be reflected to a reduced price as well. For many months now, we design and redesign the GP Piccolo, trying to lessen processing time, increase conductivity, innovate and give better aesthetics without sacrificing quality in materials and finesse. The serial numbers will be laser etched inside the switch housing and they shall continue from the total of all versions of GP Piccolo to honour the history of this little mod that created back in 2012, so some numbers won't be available. This will be the norm with all upcoming versions of existing mods and atomizers. Custom horizontal CNC engraving is offered for €30. It is deep engraving at 0,3 mm depth. When we use the default brushed finish in conjunction with the default font (Bauhaus), which is bold enough to polish it, we can mirror polish it at no extra charge. For other types of fonts you may contact us. We can engrave simple logos as well.

Precision machining This is hard to believe it, but the precision machining is better than before, with tolerance of the locking ring and switch internals to be 0,01-0,02 mm, way below the calibration standards, for smooth operation.The threading of the moving parts is even smoother than before. It is a small gem!

Materials EU certified 316 SS is not what most machinists are happy to work with, due to its hardness, but when you polish it, especially in brushed finish, its beauty and surface structure is radically distinctive and without equal in mods made from lower grades.



We recommend to use only AW IMR batteries and especially the new AW 14500 IMR batteries which have a capacity of 650 mAh and 9 A, they are almost equivalent with the AW 18350 IMR cells.

Here is a extremely detailed photographic review for the GP®Piccolo v4 / Piccoloid by Karabas (Vladislav Krizhanovskiy) from 

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