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GP Spheroid version 3

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Model: GP Spheroid version 3




The GP® Spheroid project started in Athens and the Spheroid principle was developed at a time in which A2 was the only rebuildable atomiser in the market that used filler material, but without a bell.


The first beta prototypes circulated and photos were posted on the Hellenic forum LINK

GP Spheroid prototype

Its suction system gives a signal of weak taste for 10 inhales, before it runs out completely of liquid. Filler is a sterilized water filter they use in aquariums, a good one is the SERA filter wool which one can find in pet shops and here.
 For example, all the cartomizers like the 510D Boge use similar material inside the tube where the resistance wire is, but GP® Spheroid has the filler away from the hot wire, there is no contact with it. We offer also our own filler material called GP Fluff and every unit includes a piece of fluff.

The vapour production and the throat hit depends on how low or high you have placed the resistance wire in relation with the air hole. Low position gives more vapour and strong throat hit. High position gives less vapour and extreme throat hit. Actually all the people who own this atomizer, have lowered the level of the nicotine they used to vape due to its strong throat hit!

MAY 2012

The GP® Spheroid v1 is released in Athens.

OD: 16 mm

Material: 303 SS

510 connection: non adjustable, welded brass positive pin.

JUNE 2012

The GP® Spheroid v1 was offered worldwide via VaporWall forum.


A few units of GP® Spheroid v2 with mechanical 510 connection , made from 304 SS with the initial logo are released. The 510 pin is SS instead of brass of v1 and the threading of the 510 bottom cap is left handed.


The GP® Spheroid v2 is released with serials between #400 - #500 and up from EU certified 316L surgical grade SS, thermoplastic insulators from PEEK type II reinforced with glass fibres for extra stiffness and durability, able to to withstand high temperatures. The precise machining and processes like electrodynamic drilling ensure better threading, precise air holes and every unit is from now on electropolished inside out, for buttery smooth threads and a stunning look and a new logo. The 510 connection is now fully mechanical. The unit comes in bead blasted, hand brushed and hand polished finish made by our skilled polishers.

GP<sup>®</sup> Spheroid v2.1

The unit comes with a GP® Fork tool, 1 meter wire, 1 meter wick, 3 Viton O-rings and filler material. The GP® Fork facilitates the opening of the base cap. The coil is attached via thumb nuts, no special tool is required.

The whole unit can be taken apart to be cleaned, there are no wires or welding, it is a full mechanical rebuildable atomizer. We recommend to clean the unit prior the use and to open the base by unscrewing the reverse threaded 510 bottom cap, and occasional maintenance to clean remnants of eliquids.

GP® Spheroid v2 Atomizer Review

Here is a extremely detailed photographic review for the GP® Spheroid v2 in Russian language, by Karabas (Vladislav Krizhanovskiy) from 

MARCH 2013

GP® Spheroid v2.1: we tested a new scratch resistant finish, hardening the 316 SS in a industrial kiln at specific temperatures and we made it extremely hard, but the heat fluctuations in the perimeter of the kiln resulted in the destruction of 120 units from that procedure. The rest units were indestructable, and this version was discontinued after the sale of the last 50 GP® Spheroid v2.1 units.  

MAY 2014

GP Spheroid® v3 came out on 20th May 2014. The thumb nuts have been replaced with M2 x 3 mm length SS Philips screws. The positive post has M2 threading and the negative one has M3 threading.


The bell has o-ring now for a quicker change of fluff, the 510 bottom cap is inserted into the base for a better look and the 510 connection is now  adjustable.


Here is a extremely detailed photographic review for the GP® Spheroid v3 by Karabas (Vladislav Krizhanovskiy) from 

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